The ETL Seal of Approval

The ETL seal of approval is an internationally-recognized seal of quality, safety, and professional manufacturing:
  • It is only given to companies after rigorous inspections and testing of the product.
  • The product is taken from the company and completely disassembled. All components and the way that they have been assembled (right down to the wires) are inspected and compared to Canadian and US regulations.
  • If the product passes, the manufacturing facility is then inspected for professionalism and to ensure that quality controls are in place. These quality controls in the manufacturing facility ensure that every single instrument is the same high quality as the last one that was produced.
In order to keep the ETL seal of approval, comprehensive surprise inspections of the manufacturing facility take place once a quarter. If the manufacturing facility does not pass, the ETL seal of approval is revoked.

Our ETL seal of approval means that you are purchasing a professionally-built, high-quality, and safe product. If you
are considering purchasing another hot tub or spa that
doesn't have ETL, CSA, UL, or CE approval, then you should consider what that means:

  • The hot tub or spa has no quality or safety approval  and there are no ongoing inspections of the hot tub or spa and the manufacturing facility
  • There is no guarantee of quality or durability of the spa or hot tub you are buying
  • There is no guarantee that hot tub or spa has been manufactured in accordance with industry and/or certification board standards

Why take that chance?

The only way to ensure you are buying a quality product is to purchase only quality and safety-approved products.